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Patient Safety and Medical Errors

UNDERSTANDING THE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF ERRORS --InCHOIR was the recipient of a large patient safety demonstration project grant from the Agency for Health Research and Quality. The aims of the project are to develop and implement a web- based, hospital wide, event reporting system that captures data on near miss and patient harm events. The system is being piloted in the transplant service of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and subsequently will be rolled out to the rest of the hospital, 9 other hospitals in the NYP network, and the University of Chicago.

THE HAND-OFF PROJECT --The transfer of patient care responsibility, whether it is between the preoperative team and operative team or between the day shift and night shift, has long been believed to be the source of latent errors. This project looks at transitions in care on the transplantation service, specifically between day and night shifts of house-officers, and expects to develop a standardized hand-off procedure to avert error.

SURVEY OF CALIFORNIA SURGICAL RESIDENTS --CA surgical residents will change their work hours in July 2003. A survey, conducted in May of 2003 and repeated a year later, will ascertain whether this change in work hours affects learning experience, medical errors, and quality of life.


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